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#87573 The Falling

Posted by M.C MyZtery on 02 December 2010 - 04:37 AM

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#80392 FEE2F Collectible Figurines

Posted by Yosh on 20 October 2010 - 07:08 PM

M-hmm, so I started making these outlines in photoshop which I can then customize and decorate as various members of FEEF2F. Check in here often and I will keep cranking 'em out. They do take some time though, so don't expect 'em to show up 3 a day or something. It's just when I feel like making one. To start this topic, I'll unveil the first figurine in the series: Myz.

EDIT: I'm gonna add new figures to this first post as well, so... it might take a while to load sometimes.

Posted Image Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted Image

Okay so once I get a pretty good amount of these done, I can start providing wallpapers featuring groups of them at your request. Feel free to request me making a figurine of you too if you want, but remember that I only do what I feel like doin'. In other words, if you don't interest me, fat chance.

I will say that on the current list of figurines to do in the near future, I got (in no particular order):


EDIT: Oh, and if you happen to want the outline files to play with, I can provide that upon request. It's in .psd format though, so a basic working knowledge of photoshop is required. As well as photoshop itself. Or a program that can open the .psd files.

#64631 The Member Information Topic

Posted by Yosh on 28 August 2010 - 03:13 AM

This topic aims to inform new members about the better-known members of our forums and their histories. Of course, it quickly abandons that noble pursuit in favor of "jokes lol", but it's important regardless. I did the old one alone, at much personal strain. This time, I sought aid from those I trust most.

Please Note: if you are not included, either you're not very memorable, or we haven't gotten around to you yet. Don't fucking complain.
Ranking System:
Ascended Chuckwalla - This is a member who has been here for a long time - perhaps since the beginning. Venerable and respected, these are.
Chuckwalla - A Veteran FEEFer in every sense of the word. These have been around for a couple years.
Nearwalla - A member to be respected. Someone of worth, a noteworthy member in good standing.
Fuckrick - Newbies of little respect but sufficient renown. Not something to aspire to.
Demon Lord - There is only one member who will ever achieve this rank.

Name: Assassin Warlord Sasuke
Rank: Autism
Aliases: AWS, Warthlord
Activities: "Assassination", brilliant tweaking of the english language.
Bio: Forever in his mind both light and dark. Wise man once said life in the battle is hard. Legendary crafter of immortal sentence is. Defeated in battle by inferior members of this forum, who drove him off because they couldn't control their can't contorl. We await his Return - when at man raht ehr split at eastern skah... n comes bage. He ain't go be playin around; He's gon be playin' fer keeps: "Am back for duty sir got TWENTY life."
He also plays sport he is a golfer
"Yell" FOUR
By Merlo

Name: Attila
Rank: (Former) Nearwalla
Aliases: Khorshid
Bio: Antisemitic blood-drinking asiatic savage. Formerly known as Khorshid. Famous for making Paint drawings of other members. Did battle with Merlo against the forum's Christian population. Beheaded their leader, Kevin Robarn Sheeler, but didn't honor by using the skull as cup.
Bio courtesy of Merlo, Additional Info by Yosh

Name: Bearistoopro
Rank: Nearwalla
Aliases: Bear
Activities: Antagonizing
Bio: Yosh (and possibly Krevin, but he barely counts) is probably the only person here who likes Bear, and Bear's questionable musical tastes kinda soured that ]:'( Anyway, fairly useful troll.
By Yosh

Name: BigBangBoy
Rank: Chuckwalla
Aliases: BJB (BigJangBoi), Johnny
Activities: Jangin', Prayin'
Bio: Of the Christiansanity. Friend of Merlo regardless. Very into The Lady. Currently single and looking. Plays drums for church which impresses Woman as well as all of the 245 different races that inhabit the Cosmopolitan Shithole of Toronto, Canada, too. "Name ih Johnny... LIKE TO JANG"
Bio courtesy of Merlo, Additional Info by Yosh

Name: Bubs
Rank: (Former) Chuckwalla
Aliases: I thought that was Krevin
Bio: A REAL AMORICAN who supports "America's only friend in the Middle East (Israel)", and who knows all the most popular 4chan memes and uses them in a faux pioneer fashion. Like byoxxyl, he is quick to pick up on any personal memes created out of the extraordinary intellect and wit of Yosh and Merlo. Appreciates the notoriously unfunny "Whose Line is it Anyway?".
Bubs: Your from feef, rite?
Seh: You're*

2014 update: This one was pretty mean for some reason, lol
Bio courtesy of Merlo, Additional Info by Yosh

Name: Byoxxyl
Rank: Chuckwalla
Aliases: who needs an alias when your name is Byoxxyl :/
Activities: He mostly likes getting bottomfeeders to uprep his posts
Byo: Byoxxyl started his life here by pretty much copypasta'ing Krevin and Bubs. After that,
[awaiting future developments]

Developments: Eventually became far more popular than Yosh, necessitating a harsh exile. Returned in time, only to disappear once more. The others haven't yet suspected what I've done.
By Yosh

Name: Caladbolg
Rank: fuckrick.
Aliases: Saladbowl.
Activities: makes us laughing , makes us reassuring , have 1 frend 1 wyfe.
Bio: Kill someone is a fact, be allowed to kill someone is another! The first one is forbidden! Keep your body control
By MC MyZtery

Name: Damon
Rank: Chuckwalla
Activities: Being nice
Bio: Damon is a member in good standing, and it is totally inappropriate that you would call his membership into question. That's just fucking rude. Damon is a FINE, UPSTANDING member of this forum, and we don't appreciate some upstart like yourself coming in and talking trash on his membership.
By Yosh

Name: Dave
Rank: Your God
Aliases: Blitz
Activities: Benevolent Rule
Bio: Attempts to track Dave's origins have led from South Africa to Australia without conclusive results. What IS known is that he rules not only FEE but additional websites (It's not your business to know which ones) and spends his IRL time saving people's lives and studying things you couldn't possibly comprehend without a solid primary education under your belt, and if you're the average member of this forum, that's a tall order.
By Yosh

Name: Erif
Rank: Ascended Chuckwalla
Aliases: Poc, December
Activities: Feelin' pretty food today, man
Bio: Erif, originally the snot-nosed punk-ass annoying little bitch of FEEF has eventually graduated to mediocrity, and is now counted among the members who are so similar that there's really no point telling them apart (Bubs, Byoxxyl, Krevin, etc). He is also known for whining like a bitch on the rag about shit that he stops caring about a few hours later. Obviously, he's generally loved.
By Yosh

Name: Frick
Rank: Chuckwalla
Aliases: Lazarus
Activities: Roaming the underworld and coming back
Bio: I thought he died? Well anyway. I don't think there's much to note about this member apart from his name being a minced oath. He's mildly witty and has the good sense to value Merlo's trollery. That last one speaks volumes, really.
By Yosh

Name: Jarly
Rank: Demon Lord
Aliases: The White Tiger, Evil_Neo, Crimson Demon, Jarlaxle, Rad of Manthys, Aurora A. Perez, many others.
Activities: General Villainy, RP'ing and Writing
Bio: Jarly the Anti-Blitz was formed as a collective of emotional spirits both good and evil in a time long forgotten by man. Since his introduction (through deception, of course) to the community of FEEF, he has existed as both ally and enemy in equal measure. Beside the Blaque Coque Jarly is regarded as a nemesis of FEEF in general, though it is more exact to note he is in opposition to Dave, and most FEEFers secretly like him. It is also interesting to note that his presence has the effect of making Yosh hyperactive.
By Yosh

Name: Kentobu
Rank: Chuckwalla
Aliases: Karino
Activities: Dragon Rape? (Acquitted, the court accepted his claim of merely "riding" the dragon in the nude)
Bio: Like a delicate forest sprite on a spring afternoon, Kentobu flits from place to place, blessing lesser creatures with something he calls "flair". A member of the "I left FEEF and occasionally show up again" persuasion, he should not be considered reliable as a fixture of the community. Nevertheless he requested to be added here and in my mercy, I granted his wish.
By Yosh

Name: Krevin
Rank: Ascended Chuckwalla
Aliases: Shazzam, Dr. Showtime, Bad Mr. Frosty, The Intimidator.
Activities: Illicit
Bio: Biggity blarg West Vegas, wargery dargery Hipster Fashion durggadurg. Hippity gicky Moderator diggy-diggy mediocrity. Kiggity wiggity Kobe Bryant to Yosh's Michael Jordan. Uppidate Sherminy Perminy Alaska.
By Yosh

Name: Lune
Rank: Chuckwalla
Aliases: manonman.
Activities: watching Yaoi , stalking shoutas.
Bio: FEE2F's most requested Bride , has had affairs with public figures such as Toku and Damon. mother of Karino. Middle child of FEEF's most speshul famlee. Has a very protective big sister.
By MC MyZtery

Name: MC MyZtery
Rank: Ascended Chuckwalla
Aliases: Myz, Spicy
Activities: Learning from Yosh
Bio: Yosh's protege, MC MyZtery, joined the forum right before the Black Coque Massacre. After the smoke cleared he returned and helped to rebuild - this and his famously effective partnership with his mentor Yosh have solidified him as a major figure of FEE2F. This guy LOVES TUNA SUSHI. He is a huge fan of Pokemon and currently resides in Panama. UPDATE
By Yosh

Name: Merlo
Rank: Ascended Chuckwalla
Aliases: Kaleidoscopian, Cecil, Klein, Monsieur Kaktus, Prince of Cats, Arbol, Whiskers, Marion, Herr Pablo
Activities: Trolling, Picaturs Photos, Draughtsmanship, Studying, Doing Battle Against Der ewige Jude
Merlo: Son of The Dagda and rider of blackbirds. Misanthropic hermit exiled from Mág Ealga. Resident Fascist/Racist/Bigot. Does battle against other members of this forum via serious debate or whimsical trolling - his most notable enemy being The Yakub, with whom he is engaged in immortal war. Prominent troll of the Free (as in beer) dating website, OkCupid. Former part-time Spaniard. Currently devising plans to do backle with the Zionist establishment.
By Merlo and Yosh

Name: Metronome
Rank: Chuckwalla
Aliases: Y4cub, D4rkwon, Y4cub.D4rkwon, Filthy Jew
Activities: A fair guess is accounting, law, and cheating his unsuspecting goyim friends and neighbors
Bio: Formerly known as "yakub.darkwon"; stupidly posted under his real name on the forum, later discovered by his father and banned from the internets. The internets were happy to be freed of the pollution of another filthy kike. However, yakub reappeared under the handle Metronome, now posting with proper capitalization, although still expressing himself in typical psychotic kike fashion. As yakub himself has said, "Even without having to get so philosophical about it, it's an easy enough to explain without"
Bio courtesy of Merlo, Additional Info by Yosh

Name: Nightraiderx
Rank: Ascended Chuckwalla
Aliases: NRx
Activities: Lurking
Bio: Nightraiderx is known for a few things - first off, being among the few black members of the forum. Secondly, for being a major lurker. King of all lurkers, really. He hunts and executes his own kind (lurkers, not blacks). Lastly, for looking a little like Shaq - if Shaq was a 60 foot long inflatable Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon. One which is not pulled along and directed by a bunch of cords, but rather by its own 30 foot penis. With attachable codpiece for modesty at family gatherings.
By Yosh

Name: Nitro
Rank: Ascended Chuckwalla
Aliases: Головорез
Activities: drinking and driving.
Bio: the last living member of a communist fashioned race, struggling to keep this gimmick alive.
By MC MyZtery

Name: November
Rank: Nearwalla
Activities: hiding the fatcok
Bio: If "the force" referred to homosexuality, the force would be strong in this one. Let's take that analogy further and assume, then, that November would be a jedi. Sexstix would be Darth Vader. A jedi is still stronger than your average guy, though. Which means that November is still gayer than your average guy.
By Yosh

Name: Petuh
Rank: Chuckwalla
Aliases: Peter Findlebum, Peter, Peter Iskyrkan
Activities: Bum Findling
Bio: Peter, Peter, Bumhole Findler,
Rub the starfish 'til it's tender.
Ain't clipped his nails since las' December,
And tho' the digit's rather slender,
Turned out to be quite like a blender.
Even were I a bum and he a lender,
I wouldn't shake hands with Peter Findler.
By Yosh

Name: The Reaper
Rank: nearwalla
Aliases: Reaps.
Activities: incest, horseback riding , Sword Demon worshiping.
Bio: The Reaper was once a reserved young lady , until her first outbreak , where her obsession over Karel turned her into FEEF's new female sex icon. Lactose intolerant.
By MC MyZtery


Name: Scuiriot

Rank: Chuckwalla

Aliases: Squirrel, Draven, Wolff, Meryl, Wolffie, II Wolff II, The Texas Poontang Massacre

Activities: Jacking off and other deviant shit

Bio: The chairman of the board at FEEF, Inc. Known for going into severe debt to pay off FEEF's maintenance costs, which had gone into the hundreds of thousands. As a result, holds a dominant .07% share. Actually a really handsome guy. Smart too. Not to mention classy! But that's enough about me. Let's talk about Scuiriot. Guy's pretty much a fuckin' wanker.

By Yosh


Name: seh
Rank: Ascended Chuckwalla
Aliases: She, Jeff Andonuts
Bio: is a girl. Formerly worked for the DARDEN CORPORTATION YOU MAY HAVE HEARD OF THEM SHE WORKED FOR RED LODSTER. She chronicled Merlo's mythological meeting with the White Whale. Rumored to have ridden on the back of a whale into the Sunset with Merlo. seh was the first girl on the forum and no mistake. Currently cultivating Buns of Steel.
Bio courtesy of Merlo, Additional Info by Yosh

Name: Dr. Sexstix
Rank: Ascended Chuckwalla
Aliases: Would you need one with a name like that?
Activities: Faggotry
Bio: Typical faggot and liberal whose shining humor is expressed in his frequent "dick" and "masturbation" jokes. Points out his homosexuality whenever he feels like it (which means ALWAYS IN EVERY SITUATION), regardless of whether it's called for. Prides himself on his mediocrity and stretched asshole.
UPDATE: Don't talk about Sexstix or you'll make people cry. ;_;
Bio courtesy of Merlo, Additional Info by Yosh

Name: Smiley the joker.
Rank: Chuckwalla
Aliases: The joker , Smiley , StJ , competitions guy.
Activities: same as Nitro , but less demented.
Bio: dont mind him , hes just here to keep us company.
By MC MyZtery

Name: Toku
Rank: Ascended Chuckwalla
Aliases: Tokkles, Torkle, Turgr, Tockyoo
Activities: Not sure, but whatever they are he's generally considered the best at it
Bio: There are those that speculate that Toku was created when some mad scientist somewhere combined (Ninja) Turtles with Goku. I, however, know better.
By Yosh

Name: Yosh
Rank: Ascended Chuckwalla
Aliases: Aigis, Blondie, Yoshwa, Paravani
Activities: Popularity
Bio: The undisputed forever lover of the forum itself, Yosh's very existence is a form of life support. Whilst practicing every form of art there is, and simultaneously creating a large share of the forum's humor archive, Yosh walks the internet and life springs up in his wake. New members should be aware - your first task is to impress him. Fail, and you will never be a true FEEFer.
Likes: Real boobs, his protege, ageplay
Dislikes: Fake boobs, flattery

2014 Edit: Jesus Christ, Yosh
By Yosh

Name: Yoshi Quack
The Egg-Shitting Pokemon
Rank: Ascended chuckwalla
Aliases: YQ , Yoshi Quake.
Activities: Soccer
Locations: Route 03, Mt. Moon, Route 42
Bio: YQ's presence emanates a cheerful aura of joy and happiness , it is said that the one who sees THE YQ's Smile will be granted an wish.
By MC MyZtery

#100961 FEEF Life

Posted by Damon on 27 March 2011 - 03:01 AM

I thought it would be cool to throw a few FEEF members into a house together on Sims 3. I've been wanting to do this for a while and finally, here it is. Five lovely members are living the FEEF Life together~

[some music to go along]
Now without further ado...

Posted Image
Toku! Everyone's favorite wordsmith! The first thing he did was run in and examine the bookshelves, then he grabbed himself something interesting to read. Honestly, I did not do anything, he did it all.

Posted Image
FEEF's very own doctor, Sextix! He sprinted inside and turned on some pop music, having himself a gay ol'time!

Posted Image
Byo~ Our resident blondie who loves to chill and relax~

And last but not least...

Posted Image
Frick and Yosh! The two went straight for a conversation in the bedroom, where Frick was talking to Yosh about his awesome culinary skills.

The two ended their conversation on a high note though, making the first relationship out of all the housemates. Soon after though they separated and went on to do their own thing.

Posted Image
Yosh decided to paint a nice picture, always doing something creative.

And Frick...
Posted Image

... Decided to go swimming, naked.
Posted Image

#79685 Leaving

Posted by Dave on 16 October 2010 - 04:40 AM

QQ more. You brought the hate upon yourself by acting like a fucking retard and complaining about everything that didn't go your way.

You made YOURSELF unwelcome. Now fuck off, then, if that's what you want.

#118273 Dear Noobies.

Posted by she on 14 September 2011 - 04:47 AM

Don't do shit like occasionally drop in, post, and then vanish for several months. That shit just makes you look like a douchebag.

#110498 What do you consider a party?

Posted by Metronome on 22 May 2011 - 09:34 PM

My ideal party is constructed of a Fighter, a Wizard, a Rogue and a Cleric.

#110031 hmm cant believe i never mentioned this

Posted by Yosh on 18 May 2011 - 05:41 AM

i designed a nephenee papercraft a while back. to be precise, it's a nephenee cubeecraft.

Posted Image

if you feel like making one and don't mind a lack of directions (it shouldn't be too hard) you can go here to download the printable sheets. they're in a rar file though, so hopefully that doesn't stump you.


she's actually packed with details and accessories. I gave her a helmet piece, pauldrons, hanging hair from under the helmet, and a shield. I should have made the helmet piece bigger but ah well.

#96248 Boob Size Thread!

Posted by Gypsum on 05 March 2011 - 01:17 AM

you guys are so mainstream wake up sheeple

yeah me well i only enjoy the finest tits of artistic sexspression yeah sexpression it's a new way to express yourself through sex it originates from the german words "fuck" and "your mother" yeah it's really obscure you've probably never heard of it

some tits i enjoy are the Lucha Libre Siesta, Creamy Milk Baseline, and Giraffe-fuckers yeah they're really obscure tits you've probably never even heard of it they're so much better than the mainstream garbage nowadays each and every one of their LPs is so deep and artistic it's just raw emotion and the expression of self and one's own nihilism except for Bees In The Base which made them sellout trash ugh

#78144 Lucius

Posted by Peppy Hare-nest on 10 October 2010 - 12:54 PM

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#104694 FEEFémon

Posted by Toku on 10 April 2011 - 10:17 PM

Y'all ever sprited Pokémon? Well, do it here. Post yours, with their type and info. Do their evolutions, too, if you feel like it. Who knows? If I get enough, maybe I'll do a hack.

A couple of mine to start.

Posted Image

Unlike other birds, this diminutive Pokémon nests in low shrubs and bushes. They have grown quite used to people.

Posted Image

To hide from predators, this Pokemon will curl up and remain immobile until snow covers it. Its body fat keeps it from freezing.

#102226 FEEF Conspiracy Theories

Posted by Y_Q on 30 March 2011 - 11:58 PM

Posted Image

#102053 What was your first experience with this site or how did you find this site?

Posted by Relyt on 30 March 2011 - 06:40 AM

I was walking home from school, and I saw a bus.
But this wasn't just your average bus. It was special.
Because this bus was on fire.
So me, being the pro I am,
decided to make sure that everyone was getting off the bus safely.

I jumped inside, and what-do-ya-know?
It was a bus full of nuns.
I pulled them all out one-by-one, doing my duty to America.
As I got the last one out of the bus and to safety, it exploded.
I was sent flying,

I landed in a nearby lake.
I had been knocked out, so I was slowly sinking to the bottom of the lake,
when I was saved...by mermaids and mermen.
They took me to their home..
...of Atlantis.

Turns out, I was their chosen one,
and I was supposed to save them from a serious crisis.
So I led their armies against the enemy of Atlantis..
...BP Oil.....
Many brave mermaids and mermen died that day.
but we prevailed, and BP's base on that lake was destroyed.
I was given the gift of eternal life, and then I went on my merry way.

As I exited the lake, I was attacked
by a bear.
it ripped off my fancy clothes, and almost made me his dinner,
but I quickly used Ctrl Alt Del.
Me and the bear wrestled for many a minute,
with neither side looking like they would win.

But from nowhere came a flying Russian Dwarf,
and he stabbed the bear, right in the heart.
I thanked the Dwarf, and his response was that everybody gets one.
So with that, I was off again.
I pressed my belly button, and a jetpack sprouted from my back,
and I was in the air faster than you can say EXCELSIOR!

I didn't have much time left until dinner, so I had to be quick..
But it was just my luck that a wild Pterodactyl should appear.
I went left and right, but I couldn't shake it.
So I had to use my ultimate technique....

Using the power of Chocolate Milk within my veins,
which I obtained from years of over-drinking the substance,
I Shooped the Whoop,
right in its face.

Needless to say, it now has a face only a Chewbacca could love.
I landed at my house seconds later,
wet, and semi naked from my battle with the bear...

I sat down at the dinner table, when there was a knock at the door.
It was FEEF.
Apparently, they had heard about my day, and were quite interested.
They wanted a person of my excitement to join their establishment.
I couldn't say no, as they had decided to hold my family hostage.
So it seems as though I am a slave to FEEF until I am needed no more.

#101663 FEEF Life

Posted by Damon on 29 March 2011 - 02:13 AM


Episode 2: Tour de la Casa y dia simpatico~



Up and coming on the next episode... The housemates dreams are fulfilled, let's look and see what they want for tomorrow!

#89241 FEEFgame

Posted by Toku on 19 December 2010 - 03:58 AM

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Merry Christmas, from FEEFgame and Yosh. Save them! Post them! Avatarize them! Do whatever you like, for they are FREEEE

#76693 Byo is the new rep champion!

Posted by Dave on 04 October 2010 - 10:03 PM

I'm probably just going to disable the whole system because all of you are pathetic.

#68750 Astra's...Stuff

Posted by AstraLunaSol on 05 September 2010 - 01:42 AM

Posted Image
You may now, "HOLY SHIT"

#58578 Edward or Jacob?

Posted by Corporate Evil on 15 August 2010 - 03:29 AM

Team Edward? Team Jacob?

Could I just join Team Rocket?

#110251 FEEF's FE7 Group LP

Posted by Toku on 20 May 2011 - 03:02 AM

Chapter 27


Pheraeder: ok picked up the quest. everyone ready?

Girl_from_the_Plains: yeah im set.

axman5: w00t lets do this

You follow the traces of the known criminal group, the Black Fang, through the mountains. However, shortly, the snow begins to cover the tracks, and you begin to lose your way.

Pheraeder: shit

Girl_from_the_Plains: lol no worries

Posted Image

Girl_from_the_Plains: i took a level in ranger remember

Pheraeder: sweet! thanks

axman5: lol when you two homos are done flirting we have a quest to do

Girl_from_the_Plains: stfu

Posted Image

Pheraeder: activate stealth guys

Posted Image

Pheraeder: whoa wtf you're right, the faq didn't mention this

axman5: dude chill he's probably the boss

Posted Image

Posted Image


Girl_from_the_Plains: stfu.

axman5: agh fuck shit


Posted Image

Pheraeder: FUCK

Girl_from_the_Plains: wait i think it's still a scene

Posted Image

axman5: lol creeper

Pheraeder: ok phew he's gone, let's start, now i can get the rest of the guild over here

<TEAM REKKANOKEN> entered the game.

axman5: fuckin weaboo

Pheraeder: shut up hector it means "blazing sword"

axman5: lololol ill show u a blazing swodr
axman5: sword
axman5: fuck

Posted Image

TealJustice: Hey guys.

Pheraeder: duuuuuude! sick epic mount, did you just get it

TealJustice: Mhm. It's awesome so far.

Pheraeder: lyn you got that shammy over by the door right

Posted Image

Girl_from_the_plains used [Razordash Wind].
Girl_from_the_plains: lol does that answer your question >: D

Posted Image

CogitoErgoSum: Think I'm close to promoting, guys.

axman5: lol dude no one cares

Pheraeder: sweet man, let me know.

Posted Image

OzWIN: Ding

axman5: nice dude, just keep protectin me lol

Posted Image

BaRcHeRy1402: ohhh yaaaaaa swet lecelup

Girl_from_the_plains: nice!

Posted Image

BaRcHeRy1402: im ma wondmoll whooooooooooosgh

axman5: focus bart
axman5: we need ur head in the game

Jazzhands2: Getcha getcha getcha getcha head in the game.

axman5: you cut that shit out right now

Posted Image

Pheraeder: nice!
Pheraeder: keep it up! : )
Pheraeder: nin?

[SecretDancer is AFK.]

axman5: lol desperate much

Posted Image

BaRcHeRy1402: guyse how do i archary

Pheraeder: can someone help bartre with the bow?

Posted Image

Jazzhands2: BAM.

Posted Image

Jazzhands2: /fingerpistols

Pherader: nice!


Jazzhands2: And yet I'm still doing better than you.
Jazzhands2: http://www.jontanis....1/trollface.jpg

LaydeezMan69: FUCK U

Posted Image

TealJustice: By Ilia's order, prepare for righteous judgement!

axman5: looks like someone got lost on the way to the RP server

TealJustice: Just because you can't spell doesn't mean I can't play a character my way. :I

axman5: lol go back to gaia

Posted Image

BaRcHeRy1402: lok i levld agan!

Girl_from_the_plains: sweet! go get em bart B )

Posted Image

axman5: wtf

Pheraeder: what is that guy doing, this isn't a solo quest : s

Posted Image

Girl_of_the_plains: he's going to get mobbed

Pheraeder: i'm gonna send him an invite

Team invite sent!

Posted Image

Jazzhands2: Some loot in here.

Pheraeder: alright hang onto it for now

Posted Image

BaRcHeRy1402: haels plx

xCrimsonBridex: Oh, um, sure.

Posted Image

CogitoErgoSum: Splendid! Almost there.

Posted Image

Pheraeder: yeah!! omg, I think I can promote now!

RoyalGuard has joined your team.

Posted Image

Pheraeder: lfg?

RoyalGuard: sorry, never done this quest before.

Pheraeder: hey don't worry about it man
Pheraeder: we've all been noobs before : )

Girl_from_the_plains: welcome to the team : D

axman5: pfff whatever as long as he don't slow us down

Posted Image

BlazeHurricane: Actually.
BlazeHurricane: Axefighters aren't all that optimized.
BlazeHurricane: : /
BlazeHurricane: In fact
BlazeHurricane: I think they're pretty low tier.
BlazeHurricane: Let me check my fansite.
BlazeHurricane: Yeah
BlazeHurricane: At best
BlazeHurricane: 4th or 3rd tier
BlazeHurricane: : /
BlazeHurricane: If you want, I could give you some advice on your build next time.


Posted Image

TealJustice: For Ilia!

Posted Image

CogitoErgoSum: Right, gents, that does it. Promoting now; someone cover me.

axman5: okay hurry up already

Posted Image

CogitoErgoSum used item: Earth Seal
CogitoErgoSum has changed class! They are now a DRUID.

CogitoErgoSum: Excellent. Now I can be a bit more help to you chaps.

BlazeHurricane: Druid
BlazeHurricane: : o
BlazeHurricane: Their DPS is pretty good

Pheraeder: imma promote too! someone cover me


Pheraeder used item: Heaven Seal
Pheraeder has changed class! They are now a KNIGHT LORD.

Posted Image

Pheraeder: yeah!
Pheraeder: I got a mount!
Pheraeder: his name shall be... TIBERIUS

Posted Image

OzWIN: Ding

axman5: movin' fast there, dude

Posted Image

BlazeHurricane: I've got the right lane.
BlazeHurricane: Someone else get mid?

Posted Image

CogitoErgoSum used ultimate: [Soulbound Darkness].

Girl_from_the_plains: whoooaaa sick ult!

CogitoErgoSum: I feel like I should be chanting "c'thulhu f'taghn" or something.

Posted Image

BaRcHeRy1402: yaaaaaaaaaa

Posted Image

BlazeHurricane: Mmk. Took out all units on right side. Let's keep moving.

Jazzhands2: Lulz. Swordmaster = so overpowered.

BlazeHurricane: : /

Posted Image

Pheraeder: nice heals, cb!

xCrimsonBridex: '///' Glad to help.

Posted Image

TealJustice: Back, foul curs!

Pheraeder: yeah, you tell those curs!

Posted Image


Posted Image


Jazzhands2: Whoa, found the bawss.

Posted Image

Pheraeder: i'll draw aggro, you guys move in once they've spent their attacks on me

Girl_from_the_plains: if you're sure : s

Posted Image

Pheraeder: bring it mofo! >: I

Posted Image

Pheraeder used ultimate: [Steadfast Endurance].

Posted Image


(slash swoosh swish tzing)


Posted Image

Girl_from_the_plains: : o
Girl_from_the_plains: way to go elly!

BlazeHurricane: Looks like Knight Lord isn't that bad a class.
BlazeHurricane: Still probably only tier 2 though.

axman5: sick moves


LaydeezMan69: MMM

Posted Image

LaydeezMan69: GOTCHA BITCH

Posted Image

Girl_from_the_plains: D:
Girl_from_the_plains: killsteal


Pheraeder: it's okay i don't care that much ^_^;


Pheraeder: gg

Girl_from_the_plains: gg

axman5: gg

Girl_from_the_plains: you did great <3

Pheraeder: eheh thanks

Posted Image

Girl_from_the_plains: elly aren't you going to check the drops?

Pheraeder: oh haha almost forgot
Pheraeder: !!!!!!!!!!!
Pheraeder: HOLY SHIT

axman5: what

Girl_from_the_plains: ?

Posted Image

Girl_from_the_plains: : O
Girl_from_the_plains: EPIC DROP
Girl_from_the_plains: GRATS

axman5: fuckin sweet man

Pheraeder: ;v;
Pheraeder: all my dreams have come TRUUUUEEE

Girl_from_the_plains: hahaha

Pheraeder: oh man I gotta go test this out in a new quest
Pheraeder: you guys coming with?

axman5: i might in a little bit
axman5: i have to go check on my brother
axman5: he's in the hospital or something
axman5: im sure he's totally fine but they want to keep an eye on him

Girl_from_the_plains: aw :c

Pheraeder: well we'll wait for you
Pheraeder: just sent a tell when you get back
Pheraeder: thanks guys!

Pheraeder has left mission area.

Girl_from_the_plains: see you in a bit ok?

axman5: yeah sure

Girl_from_the_plains has left mission area.

axman5 has logged off.

Quest data updated

#131083 Re: Attacks on my gender identity and intersectionality

Posted by Dr. Sexstix on 06 April 2013 - 03:17 AM

dont call me gay call me mother of dragons 


labels are for store bought things. real happiness comes from accepting yourself, not accepting that everyone else accepts you.