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Shadow Hearts

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#1 Naya

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Posted 22 August 2015 - 04:18 PM

This place is really dead so even though it's an old series that's never coming back nonetheless, I wanna discuss Shadow Hearts. First of all, keep this a spoiler free discussion please. I'm only just getting into the second game and it's a lesser known PS2 RPG series, don't wanna spoil any big game events for anyone that hasn't played.

Anyways, so Shadow Hearts is a three game series for PS2. I don't even know that it has any PSN digital copies. From what I've read online the first game was made by ex Squaresoft or Square Enix employees, part of an at the time, new company called Sacnoth. And then some other company name is the developer of the next two games. And Midway, who localized the NA versions only did the first two, the final game was localized by XSEED. But yeah, basically it's a series that takes place after the game Koudelka for PS1. It's a traditional turn based RPG, although with this judgment ring twist. The first game is really dark and creepy, and there are some really strange as hell monsters. The second game has some strange monsters but is a much less dark atmosphere. Then the third game, I've only played a few minutes of to test that the disc worked, but it seems even less dark and more carefree sorta than the second game.

Personally, I love the series so far. I wish it would've kept the dark atmosphere of the first, and some of the second game's voice actors are meh. Most of em are decent though and I'm enjoying the second game now for being its own thing sorta and still a good game in general. Though I do much prefer the first SH game's atmosphere and superior music. I guess I made this thread to discuss the game with any fellow SH fans that may be on FEEF. And for anyone that has never played it or just now reading about it, I highly recommend at least trying out the first game.

#2 Yosh

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Posted 22 August 2015 - 08:27 PM

i have never even heard of this.

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#3 Naya

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Posted 23 August 2015 - 12:28 AM

It's a great series. I hear the third isn't amazing, haven't fully played it yet but I thought it looked alright, it's just nothing like the first. If you ever pick up the games or even just emulate it, the first game is worth trying. I like the first and second so far, but the first definitely has the best music and sets it apart from other RPGs of the time. Not to mention it is the first game so you should start there anyways. The first is Shadow Hearts, then Shadow Hearts Covenant and last is Shadow Hearts From The New World which isn't as closely related to the first two.

Basically it starts out with this guy Yuri. He has this voice in his head telling him to go save this girl and he listens. He's a Harmonixer, he fights and fuses into these monster things. It takes place in 1913 China. The monsters really get creepy and weird and it's just a great game.

Also it's traditional turn based battle which would feel too monotonous if it weren't for the judgement ring. You have to hit the confirm button on this ring when the line sweeps over the highlighted parts. You fail and that heal that would've saved you won't happen for example.

I can only find a Japanese trailer video on YouTube. It might show a little much but without context it won't matter really.


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