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Eternal Poison

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Posted 04 October 2015 - 02:30 AM

Got bored today and decided to continue my path on Eternal Poison that I started a few weeks ago. I'm curious how many people here at FEEF have played this game cause it fits in with what a lot of you would like. For anyone that doesn't know of it, it's an SRPG without any non story stages(you have to go straight through and can't side level) and while it doesn't have perma-death like an FE game, it is game over if your main character dies. So that plus the inability to go back and level up makes it just as difficult of an SRPG.


Originally when I got this game years ago I remember not even being able to get past the first main boss section on any of the 3 different story path options and pretty much gave up. It actually surprises me that I didn't get further back then. Cause while I'm no pro and I suck at such challenging SRPGs, I did manage to get near end game of FE Path of Radiance, a perma-death game, long before I picked up Eternal Poison. The only thing that ever kept me from actually beating that FE was my lack of people. Since I had borrowed the game and didn't own it though I never got the chance to go through and try again.


Anyways, just finished ripping the 25 song soundtrack disc to my laptop(oh how I miss the days of full soundtrack discs coming with) and I figured I'd make a new topic about Eternal Poison, see if anyone's played it and recommend it to all of you who haven't since it's a challenging SRPG game similar to FE, gameplay and challenge wise. It's a PS2 game btw, if my recent PS2 game obsession didn't make that obvious.

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