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Your Most Played Games

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#1 The Great Red Bear

The Great Red Bear
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Posted 03 June 2017 - 02:15 PM

Let's discuss the games that we've sunk the most hours into.


My number one is Smash 4 without question. I believe I have ~1700 hours logged on my system right now, and I also have several hundred more hours from playing with friends and tournaments and streaming. So I'd say I'm close to 2500 hours total at this point. That's too many hours.


The other Smash games are probably a very close second, inorder of play time: Melee, Brawl, 64. I played a  lot of Melee growing up, and after Brawl came out, I went back to Melee after a year or so. I have close to 1000 hours on Melee, around 600 on Brawl, and probably just over 200 on 64.



Pokemon is definitely the runner up series. I have about 750 hours on Pearl version, that's my most played one I think. Gen IV was the Pokemon renaissance for my group of friends. We all got back into it hardcore and played together, traded, battled and filled out our PokeDex. I also have a copy of Diamond with a couple hundred hours on it too.


Crystal version is probably the second most, then Red, then X, and all the others are just kinda whatever because I only played throught them once.



The Legend of Zelda is collectively probably the series with the most time logged. I've played through every Zelda game, even the NES ones. I know Twilight Princess is my most played because it's my favourite, and between the original and HD versions, I've completed it probably 6 times.


Second would be Wind Waker because doing everything in that game is hecka time consuming, especially on the Gamecube version without the swift sail. Then Ocarina of Time, I've done three or four 100% runs of OoT at this point. After that is A Link to the Past because I've completed it several times as well, and the rest of the series is just probably two or three playthroughs each.



Individual games I know I've spent a lot of time on:


Uncharted 3/4- because of the multiplayer.

Street Fighter V- This game is hard.

Mario Kart 8- I completed all the time trials and unlocked every vehicle part.

Saints Row IV- I've Platinum'd this game twice, once on PS3 and again on the PS4 Re-Elected version.

Super Metroid- So many playthroughs.

Metroid Prime 3- I 100% completed this game, and did a few speed playthroughs too.

Final Fantasy XII- This game is long as heck, and I know I've beaten it twice at least.

Mass Effect 2- Probably the game with the single most completions for me. I've done every possible route, made every possible decision, romanced every possible character. I'd say at least a dozen playthroughs on this one; it's a top 5 most played, definitely.


#2 Naya

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Posted 03 June 2017 - 03:04 PM

I never spend too much time with one game, I get bored quickly and move on. But here's a list of ones I think I've put the most time into.


Tales of Symphonia - Don't own anymore but I loved this game and played a whole bunch of new game plus paths in a row

Zelda Twilight Princess - My fave Zelda. I played the original on Gamecube a few times

Xenoblade Chronicles - One of the longest RPGs I've played. And I've also played a good majority of a new game plus

Pokemon X - My fave 3DS Pokemon game that I put the most time into competitive pokemon raising.

Persona 3 - I've beaten this game multiple times. At least once on both PS2 and PSP.

Final Fantasy IX - Played quite a few times

Smash Bros Melee - Played my brother on this game a ton as a kid

Perfect Dark - Played a bunch with both of my brothers growing up

#3 wwwwwwwwwhats up youtube

wwwwwwwwwhats up youtube
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Posted 05 June 2017 - 06:03 AM

Oh this is a fun thread. I'm gonna count a few series clumped together instead of counting them as individual titles, because I'm playing the different titles for the same reasons.

The Smash series as a whole has far and away the most amount of hours taken out of my life.
In high school, being homeschooled and unemployed, I spent a STUPID amount of hours on Brawl. And I kept playing in early college, and all the way up until I discovered PM. I've burnt through multiple Wiis so I have no real information of how many hours I spent in that game, but if I had to guess, I probably put a little over 5000 hours into Brawl alone.
As for Melee, I'm probably at a similar number of hours. Even though that game has been in my life longer, and it's the one that I still actively play in tournaments, the amount of time I was able to waste on Brawl is kinda hard to catch up to.
Smash 4, Project M (and other various mods), and 64 all had moments where I logged a decent amount of hours into them, but none have come close to how much time I spent in Melee or Brawl.

The Pokemon series is next, easily. I haven't logged nearly as many hours in Pokemon as the ~10,000 hours I've put into the Smash series, but it was a game series I grew up on and the only time I really "stopped" playing was 5th gen, where I still played some online battle simulators but I stopped playing the actual series. In gen 6 I came back to playing the physical copies of the games. The postgame value is really high, so I logged a lot of hours grinding, and with the older games I have done some casual speedruns, mostly of Blue and of Ruby.

My next most played series is Fire Emblem. I've put a lot of time into 8, 13, and 14 mindlessly grinding postgame (usually while watching TV or doing other shit) to get every character as maxed out as possible. Also a solid amount of time in all three GBA games replaying the story mode, and was on my fourth playthrough of 10 but left it at my ex-girlfriend's house, and when we broke up her little brother sold all my games to gamestop so he probably got a full twelve cents for it.

The Kingdom Hearts series might be next, but it's a big gap between how much time I've spent on any of the previous games I listed and anything from here down. I've replayed KH1 and KH2 so many times I've lost count, and had multiple occasions of grinding postgame to reach level 100, complete every side mission, collect every item, etc.

Wind Waker, Super Mario Sunshine, the Tony Hawk games, all of the Mario games on SNES, all of the Donkey Kong games up to and including 64, Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, Halo, and the Sonic gamecube games all took up notable amounts of my time as well, enough that they are all worth mentioning, but nowhere near Smash, Pokemon, or Fire Emblem.


#4 The Great Red Bear

The Great Red Bear
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Posted 05 June 2017 - 04:05 PM

The irony of totally forgetting Fire Emblem on an FE forum.


FE used to be one of the most important series in my life. I played so much FE, which I guess most of us did, hence this forum's existence.


I just dislike the new FE games so much that I can't get into them. I played Awakening a butt load, but it just didn't satisfy me.



Path of Radiance is definitely my most played game, I've beaten it a dozen times at least, and I went hardcore into those post-game bonus maps too, trying to unlock all of the bonus units like Greil.


Radiant Dawn is probably a close second, also played it several times through trying out different units for each playthrough.


Sacred Stones has a lot too, I loved having such a massive post-game. I have a couple files on different difficulties where I totally maxed out every unit.


All the rest are probably about the same, outside of ^ those 3, FE7 is the only one I played through more than once.


#5 Peppy Hare-nest

Peppy Hare-nest
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Posted 05 June 2017 - 10:08 PM

Games I've played many playthroughs of: Tales of Symphonia, FE9, FE10, Pokémon games in general


Games I've played but couldn't ever finish/complete for some reason: FF7, Smash series.


#6 Yosh

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Posted 06 June 2017 - 02:13 AM

I've played a shitload of path of radiance/radiant dawn. tons of league of legends, dirty bomb, and overwatch. i sank a lot of time into diablo 2 back in the day also. pokemon too of course, and persona 3/4

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