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10 October 2018 - 12:35 PM

Anyone Play this game? On what?


I play on PC, I'm Mastery Rank 13 iirc (It's been a few months since I've been on, waiting til I get my new pc to really kick back in. I'm still a Prime member just for the bonus free stuff lol :x)


Main Frame is Nidus, hands down, but I have SEVERAL.

Fire Emblem Three Houses!

08 September 2018 - 06:05 PM


So, with E3 back in June, we had the wonderful delight in seeing the announcement of Fire Emblem Three Houses!


US is getting a Console Release AGAIN! The game looks BEAUTIFUL, the addition of the basic army units on the map is a GREAT touch of extra detail that will help it feel more like ARMY vs ARMY and not, my 8 units vs 15+ enemies. I hope it makes i feel more immersive, and I caught the icon above their heads detailing their MUG... I hope they might have co-op play, and those were actually other player's who've chosen a character and that was a "Switch" above their head with their player choice mug, that would be AMAZING! Though, I doubt it is that, but i hope it is.



So, Watched the trailer again, and noticed that there was a "Triangle Attack" Formation with the Main unit + his Army units. Or so it seemed, as well as Skills Used with the flash of the characters face. So This might get into more complex army usage for certain characters per mission... I'm looking forward to this even more now.


Anyways, I'm a bit ashamed that this topic hasn't been made by now... I know we're not the most active currently, but seriously... We're a "Fire Emblem Forum" it's in our url.... it's been almost 3 months guys...