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FEF Roleplay

18 May 2013 - 02:51 AM

I know we DO have some roleplays using D20 going on the site, but that is a bit different from what I am used to, so if anyone is willing to help me to create a new FEF, let me know. I still need to understand how maptools or D20 works, but for those who aren't used to this other kind of Fire Emblem roleplay, here is the Handbook: http://www.sendspace.com/file/5zdfpr

If the link above doesn't work, try this one. http://rghost.net/46079445


There are some rules that will be added related to the game, for example:

-Character Skills banned: Blossom (because exp-pool is group-wide), Corrosion (because weapon quality on enemies is not counted), Reinforce.

-Wyvern Hunters can choose between being S spear of choice (C normal)  or A spear of choice (C normal), A axe of choice (C normal).

-When the Handbook says 'Your Choosen Weapon (S)', FEF treats it as 'Your Choosen Weapon Subcategory (S)', for the sake of simplicity. For example: Dread C(Chosen magic) and Dark E.

Lvl Up's:
-Performed at the end of Turn during which the Exp.Pool counter went over 100 points.

Inventory Space:
-CON no longer used to determine amount of inventory slots. Every unit have 5 inventory slots, unless special rules are applied ('Bag of Holding' of Rogue class, for example).

Mounted Units:
-It is possible to do two actions in one turn besides moving: For example, drop a carried unit, run to another and pick it up. Or, run to a unit, rescue it, and use a Vulnerary on it. It is not possible to further move after the second action. You can do only one attack per turn, though.


Dead units:

If your character gets knocked down, your allies willl have three turns to save him, be it using a healing it (the effect of the healing item will be halved), be it completing the map before the countdown reaches 0 or rescuing the character. (The countdown will stop if you rescue the character and your character or another character close to the one who rescued the wounded one MAY use a vulnerary on him even if he is being carried.)



Terrain: Will be added once I start making the maps or get some help with them.

All the "newbies" WILL start as a trainee class and needs to post everything using this format:


Name: SoldierA
Class: Rider Trainee
Character Specific Skill: Nullify
Affinity: Anima
Personal Fault: Damm archers: -2 damage against archers and their promotion
Personal Skill: Peak Performance: If the character below 50% HP, +10 crit.
Preferred stats: SKL, SPD
Weapon profs: Lances (E), Piercing (E)
Level: 1 (0/100)
Total Level: 1
Progression spent: 330%
HP: 16 (60%)
STR: 4 (60%)
MAG: 0 (10%)
SKL: 3 (60%)
CON: 4 (18 with horseback)
AID: 3 (17 with horseback)
LCK: 2 (30%)
DEF: 3 (50%)
RES: 0 (20%)
SPD: 3 (40%)
MOV: 4 (6 with horseback)
Keep in mind you CAN leave the non-needed stats on 0% growth. Like if you are a mage, you can leave your STR at 0%.Or if you are a fighter, 0% on MAG.
Name            Type () RNG MT WT CR Hit QL
Slim Lance      Pier (E) 1  4  5  10 85  30/30
Vulnerary (3/3)
Bio (WIP?): Add your story here.
For now I need to see how many would be willing to help on the project before really starting anything, but it is pretty much like this. The handbook explains everything.
A good part of the project was covered, SO I will be accepting the sheets now. (With a limit of six people for now.)
Open slots (6).
The story will be posted soon and the MOVIMENTATION will be based on the numbers close to the map. So you can simply say 3 north, 1 Left or just the specific numbers, like 11, 12(x,y) .

Vandertz Angra

19 March 2013 - 04:35 AM

Name: Vandertz Angra
Age: 20
Mug: vandertz.png and with the helm (Updated thanks to M.C MyZtery.). et8d2b.jpg
Class: Wyvern Rider
Affinity: Ice


Appearance: His hair is a bit long compared to most of the other wyvern riders he met, his skin is tan and his body have some scars, mostly on the arms and on his face, he likes to call them "memories of combat", as most of them were caused by weapons during his assaults or when he was defending his home from attacks of bandits.

Clothes: Medium-weight spiked armor, giving him a less friendly or generic armor, on other words, not the classic polished armor from the guard. On the left side of his shoulder plate, there is blood red ragged mantle, covering a good part of his arm, it was the only part left from it after the fights he had and now is used like a luck charm. The skull-like helmet that he had been using was a gift from a friend of his father, who happens to be a berserker, but he planned to replace it, so he gave him the old one. It was mostly to hide the scars of his face and hide his identity during the assaults, but he began to like it and turned into part of his style.


Overworld Sprite: (Will probably need to get one done.)
Battle Sprite: (Found a better sprite, this one have a blue armor and light blue wyvern, but I still need some help to change the helm a bit and get the fangs light purple, nothing too big.)


(not optional)
Background: (lots of words here):

Born in a small town of Serenity Bay's, Vandertz is from a family of wyvern riders, his days were peaceful and he used to be a prankster when young, he never took anything or anyone seriously, until a group of brigands attacked the village he lived in burning houses, stealing things and leaving many people almost dead or really wounded.

Since that day, he decided to begin to train and asked a friend of his father to teach him how to fight properly, even if the experienced soldier was a berserker, he managed to teach the young man how to fight with a spear properly, besides forcing him to test his limits to gain more resistance, get strong enough to defend his place from any possible attack. For his surprise, his family had been watching his progress and allowed him to learn how to be a wyvern rider even if he was really young yet. The first thing he did was give a name to the blue snake-line wyvern, "Orihalcon", it was the name of some rare blue mineral he heard about, he was not sure if it existed, but he liked how the it sounded like. Curiously, the wyvern shared some of the qualities of the soldier, both could be noisy and annoying, so they ended up being the perfect pair for destruction or just to ruin someone's day.

It was quite a challenge to him get used to the flying combat style, especially because his berserker friend really would not be able to help him on that part and most of the wyvern riders were too busy doing their own things, just with some luck he could train with others, those who had patience for him and his pranks, even in the middle of the training.

When he was eighteen, the brigands returned, this time he was ready to fight, and a bunch of other villagers got into the fight as well, this time they forced them to run away, at least for now. A year after the attack, they returned with more brigands, the fight took two days, and Vandertz earned most of his scars on this fight for the luck of him and the others, the group of wyvern riders that left weeks ago returned on the second day, so they managed to reach victory again. And for managing to help in combat, he proved to be worth receiving the title of a wyvern rider and began to guard the town with the others to stop the brigands from attacking again, time to time there were some trying to get inside after all.

But just because he got older it never meant he would stop being stubborn or being a problem to the others, when he heard about the location of one of the brigands hideout, he began to rob them, but had the unpleasure of finding out the brigands who used to attack turned into victims of the Anarchy Virus, that view shocked him and made him look for answers.

Sadly, to look for answers he would need to leave his town, it was his option for the safety of the rest, he knew the travel could be dangerous, so one would be more than enough. Even if he had a priority, the wyvern rider still wanted to look for challenges, adventures, risk his life, like any other energetic soldier.



Rolling 4d10

8+7+6+4= 25

25/4+10= 16.25= 17


Rolling 36d6




Choosing 3,4,5

(16 11 15 13 10 6)/3


Already posting the clean numbers.

6  3 5 4(? Not sure as it is 4.3333333)  3 2


With Hp:


17 5 3 4 4 3 1

Decreasing a bit as it was over 29.


Adding 8 points:

Hp+1  Str+2 Skl+2 Spd+1        Def+2


Hp19  Str 7  Skl 5 Spd5 Luk4   Def5 Res1


Rolling 36d60


14+55+13+33+56+42- Chosen
50+24+50+35+34+36- Chosen
51+55+57+58+27+60- Chosen






Average of chosen:




Rolling 4d80


(49+49+77+13) =188/4 +40=  87
87 39 45 40 42 39 46
 Total of 294, huge difference  to the max of 265, decreasing stats a bit.
Hp 87 Str 39 Skl 45 Spd 40 Luk 42 Def 39 Res 46
Hp: 87-5= 82
Str: 39-5= 34
Skl 45-5= 40
Spd: 40-5= 35
Luk: 42-5= 37
Def: 39-5= 34
Res: 46-5 = 41
Fixed and now it is on 262.
Now adding the 30 points.
+6(x2)+10           +3        +5                 +6
Hp 82 Str 34 Skl 40 Spd 35 Luk 37 Def 34 Res 41
Hp: 94 Str 44 Skl 43 Spd 40 Luk 37 Def 40 Res 41

Newbie here.

18 March 2013 - 04:44 PM

Salutations everyone, I do not exactly know what to put up here but at least I will try. First of all, I decided to join after noticing there is a specific part for roleplaying, and that took my interest as I never had the opportunity to really do a full Fire Emblem roleplay. My first and last attempt was going well but the GM gave up due to the timezone problems and many people were missing the days of the chapters. ( We were using maptools for the fights, so it was hard to get everyone online at the same time), so it reached the point he simply gave up, which was a pity as it was being quite fun.


Anyway! I will try to give it a shot here if possible..the forum really looks organizated and from what I could see on some threads, the members looks friendly. Well.. that is about it for now hah.


Edit: You can call me by Radryl or Rad (Random name I use on many places including deviantart) if you wish, Vandertz is just my character's name so suit yourself.