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Davis Baker

08 March 2013 - 09:12 AM

Name: Davis Baker
Age: 34
Mug: THRaGoU.png
Class: Priest (?)
Affinity: Anima
Overworld Sprite: xkULE85.png
Battle Sprite: Full sheet!

Background: A local feature of Serenity Bay's islands, Davis is possibly the most irreverent person to be gifted with the power to heal. Offering his services for coin, he promises to leave out whatever salvation speech the church is passing out at the time. Besides, if you stop getting hurt, how's he going to eat? He often finds himself waking up on a new island, with naught but the clothes on his back and his healing staff. While other men might be concerned by this, he takes it in stride, providing the new locals with the mixed blessing of his presence.

-Prone to losing money, weapons, vulneraries, and even himself at times.

-Heals, I guess.


You guys are so short on healers it's painful to watch. How do I shot usefulness.


HP  15 (95.5)
MAG 8 (67)
SKL 4 (22)
SPD 6 (41)
LCK 7 (56)
DEF 3 (21)
RES 1 (20)