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26 August 2010 - 08:25 PM

I won't be so generic as to just say "discuss," but rather throw a few questions your way, about the series.

- What is generally your strategy for leveling?
- Do you grind? Or do you try to go it through the normal way (damn hard I hear)?
- What's your strategy for maps, tough situations in general?
- What's your opinion of the series in general?

Well, those are some base questions, but "discuss" really IS the word for it. xD

Personally, I'm working on the first. Episode 5-3 (first power level yayyy) is where I am. It makes me sad that I won't be able to get the second and third... ;~; It's a damn addicting game they've made.

EDIT: (Oh and as you might have guessed from my sig, I believe Flonne is <3)

Well, uhhh

25 August 2010 - 07:36 PM

Hey hi, everyone! My name's Lux.

I dunno how active I'll be here, but I figured, why not join?

Hopefully when my spriting prowess improves I'll open a topic, but for now my works of horror stay private.

I dunno how much there is to say about me, but I can assure you I'm friendly. :> I absolutely adore three things: FE, Disgaea, and writing.

... I guess the rest will just show itself over time, because I'm not really all that good with introductions. xD

... Also, I heard from a certain source (think star, moon, and sun, but in Latin [lolminiriddle]) that SF'ers aren't welcome here..? If they are, well ignore this. =P If he was right, then I am not from SF then I'll do my best to stand out from the norm that annoys you so, whatever that may be. ^^

EDIT: Quid pro quo... I am a GUY. I cannot tell you how many people have made the mistake of thinking me female. ;___;