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I have no idea.

26 November 2010 - 05:33 AM

1+ to those who remember me. Hint: The Rise of Radiel.

Honestly, it has been YEARS since I last set foot on this site as a registered member. For some reason I left and never came back...when I did return, I found out the site was hacked and I couldn't log in/re-join. I was (fairly) disappointed, but I turned my interests elsewhere. Now that I can at least register again and post in the Fan Fiction section once again, I'm (mildly) happier.

I think I was LyonTheShadowLord. Not sure. Probably just Lyon. The name byoxxil sounds familiar, so does Toku (is that was it was?) and I remember another guy...I forget his name.

tl;dr I'm back!