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Team vs. Team [Beta]

27 August 2011 - 08:58 AM

In the midst of creating my signature I had the idea of maybe some form of character interaction.  The idea of some sort of team role play seemed cool so here goes.

It's basically a voting game of sorts.  You can give a character +HP or hurt them for -HP.  Based on what characters you like you can choose to heal or hurt them.

The idea is to create a character that will be liked.  Good or Evil, whichever is your forte is welcome.  Each character will be placed on a "good" or "evil" team.  They will receive 16 points to start with a cap of 21.  When a character reaches 0 HP they will be eliminated until the next round.  The bracket for each side should be 10 or so.

Your character should have a small profile -

Bio(2 paragraphs max should be fair)

Amelia Fuentes
The Second born child of an ill king. Amelia's older brother hopelessly attempts to rule the kingdom in their fathers absence.  With no hope in sight for their poor father, Amelia decides to journey out to find a cure herself.

I guess that's all.  Apologies if I forgot anything as its late now.  See ya. :)

Video Game Music.

27 August 2011 - 07:39 AM

What's some of you guys' favorite game music? I'm actually looking for some good ones to use in ... a game I can put custom music in. :whistle:

Victory is Near - FEPoR
Stage Select - Megaman X & X4
Ridley's Hideout - Super Metroid

Now you try!


Hey Everyone!

25 August 2011 - 11:43 PM


Well I've always wanted to join a FE forum but just never did.  So here I go!

Love FE, just everything about it gives me goose bumps.  Also, I am a man but if its not obvious, I have sort of a gay fetish for Ike.  He's just so... manly.  I'm not gay, except for Ike... sort of. :mellow:

Anyway, I'm a dork but a really nice guy.  See ya around. :wave: