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  1. Naya

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 02:19 AM

    I haven't bought a new game in like a month and a half & now I really wanna get something, but I can't decide what

  2. Naya

    Made a comment, Aug 30 2019 09:31 PM

    Anytime I start googling Fire Emblem Three Houses to find something, I get the urge to accidentally type Fire Emblem Empire instead lol.

  3. M.C MyZtery

    Made a comment, Aug 12 2019 03:49 AM

    I have never been as good at anything as I was at "Iron Spriter" contests 9 years ago.

  4. Naya

    Made a comment, Jul 13 2019 04:33 AM

    I've finally got my hands on Dragon Quest Builders 2 and nothing's changed <3 And by that I mean, I'm still completely in love with this spin-off and it's the best thing ever.

  5. Naya

    Made a comment, Jul 10 2019 06:03 PM

    I finally get my hands on DQB2 in ONLY 2 DAYS! I pre-ordered the digital deluxe on PS4 cause I wanted the best version of the game and didn't wanna miss out on digital pre-order only recipes. Now I have to save some cash for a year of PS+ so I can play it online.

  6. neijjimia

    Made a comment, Jun 11 2019 04:03 AM

    like this..

  7. Relyt

    Made a comment, May 06 2019 07:11 PM

    Finally Gold in League of Legends. Still a low rank but it took way too long to get it.

    • Scuiriot's Photo
      ConGrats! I'm still trying to climb into Gold for the first time, but now I'm all over TFT lol.
  8. Naya

    Made a comment, Apr 27 2019 03:17 AM

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was absolutely worth the money I spent on it. I've now put 170 hours into the game. It's the first Switch game I got and initially I spent 100 hours on it before getting burnt out. Now I keep going back to sidequest more & whatnot every few months.

    • Relyt's Photo
      I'll give it another chance eventually but it's hard to build myself up for a game where the general consensus is that it takes 80+ hours for the game to be good because that's how JRPGs are.

      And even more so every time I see the Videogamedunkey video of it and it just makes me cringe.

    • Naya's Photo
      I don't think it takes 80 hours but eh, not every game is for everyone. I'll have to watch that video and comment after, not sure what it is.
    • Naya's Photo
      No it's definitely not normal for JRPGs to take a while to get good, that's just how some RPGs are not all. But yeah XC2 in particular takes a big time investment. I don't agree with all the stuff that guy says in that video you linked either, but I can tell some of it is just to be humorous or whatever.
  9. jernduba

    Made a comment, Apr 24 2019 04:58 AM

    hii alll

  10. Naya

    Made a comment, Mar 26 2019 03:33 PM

    I'm still around and lurking here occasionally.

  11. tirisanai

    Made a comment, Feb 12 2019 08:12 AM

    shalom everyone

  12. Naya

    Made a comment, Jan 24 2019 05:36 PM

    Been enjoying Tales of Vesperia's Definitive Edition. The flip flopped new voices are similar enough I haven't majorly been annoyed by it, one character people say had a voice change I haven't even noticed, I think it's close enough or just a 10 year out of practice voice actor difference that it's not nearly as noticeable as people say.

  13. neijjimia

    Made a comment, Jan 23 2019 04:28 AM


  14. Naya

    Made a comment, Jan 09 2019 04:57 PM

    Finally pre-ordered Tales of Vesperia cause it's the last great traditional Tales Of, I never got to finish it & it has the extra Japan only PS3 content. But Bandai Namco was too cheap to re-record the whole game & didn't even ask the original voice actors to do it. So the voices switch in and out and that's super disappointing. It has Japanese voices too though but still, ugh.

    • Naya's Photo
      From what an RPG Site review says that just came out, both Yuri & Judith's voices changed & the voices can switch mid battle, and mid scene even. I'm still looking forward to fully playing the game. But wow is Bandai cheap as hell.
  15. Naya

    Made a comment, Dec 31 2018 03:38 PM

    I need a new RPG to get sucked into. I'm enjoying Smash and Mario Odyssey. But at the same time, unlike JRPG's, I can't really play them constantly. They're a little bit at a time games. Just don't know what new JRPG I'll really like aside from the two future releases I'm waiting for.

  16. Naya

    Made a comment, Dec 26 2018 03:13 PM

    I got lots of Switch stuff for Christmas. Smash Bros, Mario Odyssey, a joy-con charging grip, a pro controller and a Switch case.

  17. Naya

    Made a comment, Dec 15 2018 01:23 AM

    Tfw when you finally see EO Nexus' new mapping trailer and realize fuck, you aren't recreating your favorite EO party ever and taking them on new adentures, you're reliving the same old ones with a few new features for the older content T_T

    • Naya's Photo
      So someone located in Japan who I imagine played that version commented on my tweet and claims it supposedly has new dungeons as well. I asked Toku but apparently he didn't work on it and doesn't know.
  18. M.C MyZtery

    Made a comment, Dec 07 2018 10:03 PM

    hollywood execs contacted me for the rights to reboot EMPIRE

    • Karino's Photo
      well don't keep up in suspense did you say yes
  19. Naya

    Made a comment, Nov 01 2018 03:00 PM

    I was hoping to never hear about DLC in relation to Smash ever again after it turned me off of bothering with Smash 4. As long as that's the only pass and there are strictly only the 5 DLC characters aside from Piranha Plant, then I can live with that and support it as planned.

    • The Great Red Bear's Photo
      The Great Red Bear
      Smash 4 had very affordable DLC as long as you weren't investing in every single cosmetic DLC addition. The base DLC characters were only $5.99 each. The cost only got absurd when you started purchasing everything else.
    • M.C MyZtery's Photo
      M.C MyZtery
      the persona boy and pirahna plant
    • Naya's Photo
      Yeah I'm excited for the Atlus representation. It's sounding now more likely that it's only the one DLC pack and I'm good with that.
  20. Karino

    Made a comment, Oct 25 2018 03:12 AM

    every now and then i pop in here and look over old things i posted and it used to get me down, y'know? like i'd look at how i used to act and go "jesus how obnoxious". anyway the point is that nothing's really changed and that's still me, but like, a new flavor of obnoxious

    • M.C MyZtery's Photo
      M.C MyZtery
      ey, same except ive gotten older. but i come in and lmao with old posts all the time, then i get that sad feeling.
    • Peppy Hare-nest's Photo
      Peppy Hare-nest
      Heh, you probably seemed like an angel compared to me (Caladbolg/Ernest/whatever)