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Path of Radiance

Soen no Kiseki

Nintendo Gamecube

JP - April 20th 2005
US - October 17th 2005
EU - November 15th 2005
AU - December 1st 2005


The continent of Tellius is made up of nations consisting of two races - the adaptable and intelligent beorc (otherwise known as humans), and the warriorlike laguz, species possessing traits of both beorc and animal. Despite their tensions and differences, the nations enjoyed an uneasy peace.

This peace, however, was shattered when the beorc nation of Daein made an unprovoked attack on the neighboring beorc nation of Crimea. The royal family is completely wiped out, and Crimea's capital falls to the invaders.

For Ike, the son of Greil, leader of Greil's Mercenaries, this turmoil means little - until they discover a green-haired girl unconscious on the road. When Daein troops arrive at the camp of the Greil Mercenaries demanding to see the Crimean princess, Ike and his companions, fleeing to the lands of the laguz, realize they've set in motion a series of events far greater than themselves.

The future of not only the princess, but the entire nation of Crimea, lies in Ike's untested hands...

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