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Cards are items whcih can be used once per battle in a Multiplayer fight.
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  Name Description
Adamant All allies receive +1 Defence
Apotrope Negates effective bonus towards allies and enemies
Battleaxe All ally-equipped axes receive +10% Accuracy (in battle)
Dazzle Negates critical attacks for both allies and enemies
Fleet Feet +1 Movement to all armoured units 
Fletcher All ally-equipped bows receive +10% Accuracy (in battle)
Generosity If victorious, user wins 2 Cards at the end of battle
Gravity Increases terrain movement costs for all units by 1
Guardian All allies receive +1 Resistance
Haste All allies receive +1 Speed
Judgement Reduces HP of all enemy units by 20% during the first Turn
Maelstrom -1 Movement to all enemy flying units
Magic All allies receive +1 Magic
Recovery All allies recover 2 HP each Turn
Skill All allies receive +1 Skill
Sorcerer All ally-equipped tomes receive +10% Accuracy (in battle)
Spearhead All ally-equipped lances receive +10% Accuracy (in battle)
Strength All allies receive +1 Strength
Umbra All units sight in Fog of War is reduced to 1
Whetstone All ally-equipped swords receive +10% Accuracy (in battle)

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