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Starting Items

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Name Starting Items
Abel Javelin, Iron Sword
Arran Silver Lance, Killer Lance
Astram Silver Sword, Wyrmslayer
Athena Iron Sword
Bantu -
Barst Steel Axe, Hand Axe
Beck Thunderbolt
Boah -
Bord Iron Axe, Hammer
Caesar Steel Sword
Cain Iron Lance, Iron Sword
Castor Iron Bow
Catria Killer Lance
Cord Iron Axe
Darros Steel Axe
Dolph -
Draug Iron Lance
Elice None
Est Ridersbane
Etzel Elfire
Frey Iron Lance, Iron Sword, Vulnerary
Gordin None, Iron Bow & Steel Bow in HM
Gotoh Thoron, Swarm, Fortify, Recover
Hardin Steel Sword
Horace Steel Lance
Jagen Silver Lance, Iron Sword, Vulnerary (not in HM)
Jake Arrowspate
Jeorge Steel Bow, Silver Bow
Julian Iron Sword
Lena Warp
Linde Aura
Lorenz Silver Lance
Macellan -
Maria Heal
Marth Rapier, Iron Sword
Matthis Iron Lance
Merric Excalibur
Midia -
Minerva Hauteclere
Nabarl Killing Edge
Nagi Divinestone
Norne Iron bow
Ogma Steel Sword, Iron Sword
Palla Dragonpike
Radd Iron Sword
Rickard Iron Sword
Roger Iron Lance
Roshea Iron Lance, Iron Sword
Samson Silver Axe, Vulnerary
Sedgar Steel Bow
Shiida Wing Spear
Tiki Divinestone
Tomas -
Vyland Steel Lance
Wendell Thunder, Barrier
Wolf Iron Bow, Iron Sword
Wrys Heal
Xane Iron Sword
Ymir Devil Axe

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