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Fire Emblem 11: Shadow Dragon Guides


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Fire Emblem: Awakening Official Website/Movie, European Release 2012

Posted by Dave on 23 February 2012

The official website for the upcoming Fire Emblem 3DS game has been launched. Although only a limited amount of content is currently available, there is a new video which features the game's introductory cinematic and several seconds of new gameplay footage, so click the image above to take a look. The game releases in Japan on April 19th, with a European release scheduled for later in 2012. No word on a NA release, yet.

Fire Emblem: Kakusei / Awakening Dated

Posted by Dave on 27 December 2011

The upcoming Fire Emblem 3DS game has been given a name and release date in Japan: April 19, 2012. Some new information on the game's storyline and gameplay aspects has also been revealed; the FE3DS page will be updated with this information soon.

Fire Emblem 3DS Announced

Posted by Dave on 13 September 2011

A brand new Fire Emblem game has been announced for the 3DS. It features 2 v 1 battles, 2 player co-operative play, and is due for release in Spring 2012. No word on an American/European release, but we can hope. You can visit the Official Preview Site to view two trailers and some screenshots.

Project Empire

Posted by Dave on 21 June 2011

Project Empire is the working name for a brand new online, browser-based multiplayer RPG that I am acurrently working on. It's still very early in the development process, but you can find out more about the project in the forums: Project Empire.

Content Update + A Call To Arms

Posted by Dave on 29 April 2011

You might have noticed that the "Game Guides" dropdown menu at the top of the page is now fuctional. The only game page that is available at the moment is Radiant Dawn, but the other game indexes should be completed soon. All of the content from the old website is available on the FE10 page, and the remaining sections will be written soon.

In order to speed up the content writing process, we're hiring some staff members. Please refer to this topic in our Forums if you think you might be able to help out. Thank you.

Updates Incoming

Posted by Dave on 15 April 2011

Things have been quiet over the last month as I have been extremely busy, but I plan on making several large updates towards the end of the month, so be on the lookout =)

In the meantime, why don't you visit our Forums?

Welcome to the Homepage of FEE3

Posted by Dave on 14 March 2011

You can consider this to be an advance release of the new website layout - it is NOT complete and I will most likely make several changes before I am happy with the design (the background in particular). Please post any comments or suggestions you might have in this thread.

I plan to launch the full website by the end of the month/early April, along with the new forum skin, so be on the lookout for some small previews over the coming weeks.

Fire Emblem Empire 3 Revival

Posted by Dave on 20 February 2011

Here is a small preview of the new website layout. It's a bit dark and dull, but I'm planning on including lots of screenshots and icons/sprites on all of the content pages, so it should balance out pretty nicely (though I might still chuck a few filters over the top to brighten things a bit and improve the contrast). The background and the sidebar "rock" are currently placeholder images.

Oh also, expect a preview of the new forum skin sometime next week. I'm currently working on three colour themes - Red, Blue and Green; let me know if you would like a fourth (I'm thinking brown atm).

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