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Sword of Seals

Fuuin no Tsurugi

Gameboy Advance

JP - March 29th 2002
US - Unreleased
EU - Unreleased
AU - Unreleased


Men and Dragons once lived in harmony on this land. However, that harmony was broken when the men suddenly started to invade. In a great war known as the Scouring, both sides fought over control of the continent. The laws of nature were twisted from the vast amounts of power that were released... The Dragons were defeated and disappeared from the face of the continent. Mankind then began to spread its forces throughout to populate the land.

And now, 1000 years later... The people of the continent of Elibe have been spreding technology and civilization for some time now, after the Dragons had been defeated in the Scouring. In the west resides the kingdom or Etruria, which has the highest level of civilization in Elibe. The kingdom of Bern, with a powerful military and a practical and pragmatic attitude about life, is located in the east. These are the two strongest nations in Elibe, and the lesser nations are located between them. There is the Lycian Alliance, which is under joint relationship of various marquesses. The people of the Knights Union of Illia are hard at work cultivating the snowy wastelands in the north. In Sacae live various clans which ride through the plains on horseback.

Although there were occasional clashes between nation-states, there was a general sense of balance of power and peace in Elibe. However, that balance was suddenly disrupted...

King Zephiel, ruler of the Kingdom of Bern, has sent out his forces to conquer the rest of Elibe. Bern's forces invaded Sacae and Illia and mercilessly massacred all those who stood against them. And now Bern has shown signs of invading the Lycia Alliance. A youth named Roy was in Lycia's largest territory, Ostia. He was sent as a transfer student to train to become the next Marquess of Pherae.

However, Eliwood, who has fallen ill, has sent for Roy to return home. Just around that time Lilina, the daughter of Hector, has traveled to Lycia to pay her respects to Eliwood. After getting the message, Royhurried back home, taking with him his loyal knights and Bors, a knight from Ostia responsible for Lilina's safety.

The story begins when Roy had reached an area on the outskirts of Pherae...

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