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Akatsuki no Megami

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JP - Feb 22nd 2007
US - Nov 5th 2007
EU - March 14th 2008
AU - April 10th 2008


Three years have passed since the Mad King's war, and Tellius is once more falling into turmoil. Upon winning the war, Crimea is forced to turn control of the war-torn Daein over to the Begnion Empire. Thanks to a group of crooked senators, the citizens of Daein are made to live in suffering. Their only hope is a group of chivalrous bandits, The Dawn Brigade.

Led by the Priestess of Dawn, Micaiah, and the young veteran of the Crimea-Daein war, Sothe, the Dawn Brigade fights for the freedom of Daein. Led by the hope from the true ruler of Daein, Prince Pelleas, the Dawn Brigade begin a campaign that brings them to the doors of the capital city.

Meanwhile, a plot has been hatched to overthrow the Queen of Crimea. A secret rebellion led by the evil Count Ludvek sweeps across the land, spreading rumors of icompetence in the newly crowned Queen, spurring the younger generation into action. Queen Ellincia's faithful retainer's protect her with their lives, but their numbers are few and the outlook grim. If only they could locate those heroes of the war, Crimea's saviors, the Greil Mercenaries, the tide of battle, would push in their favor.

Elsewhere, the Laguz territories finally learn the truth of who was responsible for the Serenes massacre. An alliance is formed, and the Laguz troops march for war, steadfast in their drive for justice. Joined by Ike and the Greil Mercenaries, the alliance gains momentum and pushes into Begnion. Deep into Begnion territory, the alliance is met by Zephiel, the most powerful general in the Begnion army. A betrayal tears asunder the plans of the alliance, and they are forced to retreat. Begnion gives chase across land and water, determined to strike down the Laguz menace once and for all.

Amidst the horrors of war, a voice is constantly heard, the voice of the Dark Goddess. As the whole of Tellius slips into the icy grasp of war, she struggles against her prison, determined to break free and wreak havoc upon Beorc and Laguz alike. Barely held in check by the royal clan of Herons, is there any hope for those who stand on the side of right? Or will the might of the Dark Goddess overcome her boundaries and destroy all that lives upon the face of Tellius?

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