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Starting Items

Each character that you recruit throughout the game will join your party between
1 and 4 items in their inventory.

Name Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4
Aran Javelin Iron Lance Vulnerary
Astrid Steel Bow Iron Longbow Concoction
Bastian Arcwind Elthunder Elfire Elixir
Black Knight Alondite Concoction
Boyd Killer Axe Steel Axe Hand Axe
Brom Iron Axe Herb
Caineghis Fang
Calill Elfire Meteor Thunder Vulnerary
Danved Killer Lance Iron Greatlance Vulnerary
Edward Iron Sword Vulnerary
Elincia Slim Sword Mend Concoction
Ena Breath Laguz Stone
Fiona Javelin Steel Lance Vulnerary
Gareth Breath Laguz Stone
Gatrie Steel Greatlance Iron Lance
Geoffrey Steel Greatlance Short Spear Concoction
Giffca Fang Laguz Gem
Haar Steel Axe Hand Axe
Heather Iron Dagger Bronze Knife
Ike Ettard Iron Sword
Ilyana Thunder Elthunder
Janaff Talon Wildheart
Jill Hand Axe Steel Axe Vulnerary
Kieran Steel Poleax Hand Axe Vulnerary
Kurthnaga Breath Elixir Olivi Grass
Kyza Fang Laguz Stone
Laura Heal
Leanne Concoction
Lehran Ashera Staff
Leonardo Iron Bow Herb Dracoshield
Lethe Claw Laguz Stone
Lucia Silver Sword Wind Edge Iron Sword
Lyre Claw
Makalov Steel Sword Herb Coin
Marcia Steel Lance Javelin Vulnerary
Meg Iron Sword Steel Sword Vulnerary
Mia Wo Dao Steel Sword
Micaiah Light Herb
Mist Florete Heal Vulnerary
Mordecai Fang Olivi Grass Vulnerary
Muarim Fang Vulnerary
Naesala Beak Elixir Coin
Nailah Great Fang Concoction
Nasir Breath Laguz Gem
Nealuchi Beak Laguz Stone Vulnerary
Nephenee Steel Greatlance Vulnerary
Nolan Steel Axe Vulnerary
Oliver Nosferatu Silence
Oscar Short Spear Steel Lance Vulnerary
Pelleas Carreau Verrine Fenrir
Rafiel Seraph Robe
Ranulf Claw Satori Sign Concoction Olivi Grass
Renning Silver Sword Silver Poleax
Reyson Elixir
Rhys Ellight Heal Mend Concoction
Rolf Rolf's Bow Steel Bow Vulnerary
Sanaki Cymbeline Arcwind Arcthunder Elixir
Shinon Killer Bow Iron Bow
Sigrun Silver Lance Spear Elixir
Skrimir Fang Laguz Stone
Soren Elwind Thunder Fire Vulnerary
Sothe Kard Bronze Dagger
Stefan Vague Katti
Tanith Storm Sword Silver Lance
Tauroneo Javelin Silver Lance Vulnerary
Tibarn Great Talon
Titania Steel Poleax Short Axe Vulnerary
Tormod Fire Elfire
Ulki Talon Satori Sign
Vika Beak Herb
Volke Peshkatz Stiletto Silver Knife
Volug Fang Vulnerary
Zihark Killing Edge Vulnerary

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